Why can't I edit an incorrect email for a student?

How to resolve an issue with editing a student email.

What does it mean if either of these error messages appears?

'The supplied email address already enrolled in Pulse'


'Something went wrong, please try again or contact support for assistance.'


'That email address is already taken.'

This can occur when you are trying to edit an incorrect email address under a student profile. Each profile is unique and linked to an email domain in the system. If you try to correct the email address under the incorrect profile, the system will detect it as a duplicate. This means it will prevent you from saving another profile with the same email address.


The best course of action would be to unenroll the incorrect profile and then add the correct profile to the system again.

Step 1, follow the instructions in this article How to unenrol staff and students from Student Pulse

Step 2, follow the instructions in this article How to add new staff and students to Student Pulse

Reporting an issue to Pulse support

If the steps above don't clear up the issue, let our team know by reaching out to help@linewize.com. We'd be happy to help look into this further! 🔍

Providing the following information is quite helpful for our team:

  • A screenshot or photo of the issue: click the device or system you are using for instructions on how to take a screenshot: Windows, Mac, iPad, Chromebook
  • If the issue is happening in an account other than your own, the name or email address on the account
  • A brief summary of the issue you are experiencing
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