Adding Custom Gratitude Options to Pulse

This article is intended for Pulse Coordinators.

You can add custom Gratitude options to Pulse check-in to reflect your school’s values. Custom gratitude options are available for Student and Staff Pulse, but it is configured at a School-wide level. Schools using both Student and Staff Pulse will see custom Gratitude options reflected in both Student and Staff Pulse.

Pulse will present custom options in addition to default options (Kindness, Fairness, Humour, Determination and “Just Say Thanks”).

You can add as many custom options as you’d like. Once you turn on the option, they will automatically show for anyone who checks in. 


You cannot remove Custom Gratitude options from Pulse but can edit them. Any previously recorded data will follow the revised option even if there is no relevance between the two.
E.g. If “Courage” was edited to “Positivity”, reporting will include any previous record of someone sending a “Courage” gratitude message as a “Positivity” gratitude.


To create a custom gratitude option:

  1. Login to Pulse and go to Settings  > Gratitude
  2. Select Add.
  3. Give your new Gratitude option a Name, Description and Emoji.
    These will be visible to students after you enable the option. Pulse will show you a preview of what the students will see.
  4. Select Save.
  5. When you’re ready, enable the option.

After adding a custom Gratitude, you can edit the name, description or emoji used, then toggle on the option by returning to Settings > Gratitude and selecting the pencil (edit) icon..

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