How do I change a participant’s email?

Pulse Coordinators can update a Participant’s email address by logging into the Pulse Dashboard > Settings > Enrolments (under Student or Staff Pulse as required).

Filter down by selecting the correct Year level or Class then click the pencil icon next to the participant’s name to edit their profile.

Enter the correct email address under the Email Address box then click Save.

Error Messages

If you see one of these error messages:

  • “The supplied email address already enrolled in Pulse.”
  • “Something went wrong, please try again or contact support for assistance.”
  • “That email address is already taken.”

A duplicate profile in Pulse is likely preventing you from updating the email address. If these errors occur, you should unenroll the participant’s profile and then add the correct profile to the system again.

You can follow the instructions in this article to unenroll staff and students from Student Pulse or unenroll staff from Staff Pulse.

After you remove the participants, you can re-add the participant back into Student Pulse or the staff member back into Staff Pulse.

If further issues occur, please contact Pulse Support.

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