Can I change how often students check in?

How to prompt Pulse check ins more than once a week.

You can customise when Pulse sends out notifications to staff and students at your school.

To protect students to the fullest extent, Pulse is available for a check-in at any time, from anywhere.

It is possible to adjust the frequency of check-in reminders. You can set up Pulse to send a reminder email weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

In some circumstances, a school may want their students to check in more frequently. In that case, we suggest the following:

  • Put a notice in daily announcements or student online portals.
  • If you use Google Classroom, you can schedule reminders with the 'generic link' to go out automatically. Contact Pulse Support for your school's generic link.
  • Ask students to bookmark their Pulse links in their browsers so it is easily accessible.
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