Managing your Groups

This article provides guidance on how to add, manage and delete your groups in Student & Staff Pulse.

If you are a Pulse Coordinator, you will find the Settings in the lefthand panel of the dashboard. This is where you can manage enrolments, scheduling, and question modes.

See below for an example of Pulse Coordinator view in the dashboard for a school that is using both Student and Staff Pulse. Schools that use one or the other will only see the program that they are using.


Adding a new group

  1. Go to Settings and Enrolments.
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top of your school structure.
    Pulse_more commands menu.png
  3. Click on Add a group.
  4. Type in the new group name.
  5. If applicable, select the group it should be part of: for the example below it would go under Year 9.


  6. Click Save.

Editing an existing group

  1. Go to Settings and Enrolments.
  2. Find the group you need to edit.
  3. Click on the pencil by the group to edit.
  4. You can either change the name of the group or move the group to somewhere else in the group structure.
  5. The system will give you a confirmation message at the bottom explaining your changes in the group structure:


  6. If you are happy to edit the group, Click Save.

Deleting a group

  1. Go to Settings and Enrolments.
  2. Find the group you need to delete.
  3. Click on the bin icon by the side of the group.
  4. Click on Confirm if you are happy to delete the group.

If there are staff and students in the group, the system will show you a summary of the impact of deleting the group. To make sure you do not unenroll users from Pulse, you will need to reassign each user from the group you're deleting to a different group first.

If you are unsure how to edit students and staff in Pulse, these articles below show you how:

If you need support on a big bulk update of staff and students, please contact Pulse support.


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