Setting your questions: Age Groups

Pulse provides a comprehensive suite of questions designed to give you insight into many aspects of the student wellbeing experience. To ensure the questions are meaningful to your students, Pulse offers a choice of question wordings tailored to older (more complex language and concepts) and younger (simpler language) students.

There are three Age Group options in Student Pulse:

  1. High School set questions only
  2. Primary School set questions only
  3. K-12 School set questions only

Selecting the High School Age Group option will mean that all students enrolled in Pulse will receive the High School questions, while selecting the Primary School questions Age Group option will ensure that all students receive the Primary School questions.

If you are a K-12 School, you will be able to differentiate which groups of students should receive the Primary School questions.

  1. To do this, select ‘Activate’ on ‘My School is a K-12 School’:
  2. A widget will pop up where you will be able to select the Primary school age group/s of students:
  3. Select the group/s, and then select ‘Activate’ to save this change in:
  4. On your Pulse Age Groups page, you will see that ‘My School is a K-12 School’ is now active, and the group/s of students that have been allocated to the ‘Primary school group’:



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