How to add new students and staff to Student Pulse

This article is for Pulse Coordinators.

New staff and students can be added directly into Pulse.

Adding a student

  1. Sign in to Pulse > Settings > Student Pulse > Enrolments.
  2. Select Add Person on the top right, then Add Student from the dropdown.


Image 1: Select Add Person, then Add Student.

  1. On the Adding Student widget:
    1. Enter the student’s first name, last name, and email address.
    2. Select Add then select the groups they need to be included in.

Adding a student.png

Image 2: Adding and assigning a student to groups in Student Pulse

  1. Select Save.


When you allocate students to child groups, they are also allocated to the parent groups. In the following example, allocating Sally Student to child group 9C (a) by default allocates her to the parent group Year 9 (b). Sally’s data will be associated with both groups, as well other groups higher in the structure, such as Whole School (c).


Image 3: Allocating students to child groups also allocates them to the groups
higher in the school structure (parent groups).

Adding a staff member

  1. Sign in to Pulse > Settings > Student Pulse > Enrolments.
  2. Select Add Person on the top right, then Add Staff Member from the dropdown.
  3. On the Adding Staff Member pop-up:
    1. Enter the staff member’s first name, last name and email address.
    2. Select the appropriate role for the staff member (for example: Pulse Director, Steward, Teacher).
    3. Select the groups that they will have oversight of.


Image 4: Adding a staff member in Student Pulse

  1. Select Save to add the staff member to Pulse.


Staff members who will have oversight of student wellbeing insights should be given the Pulse Director, Steward, or Teacher role and associated with the group/s they need to oversee.


When coordinators add new staff or students, does Pulse automatically send them a welcome email?

The system doesn't send welcome emails automatically. However, newly added staff and students will start receiving the email reminders in prompts at the regularly scheduled times.

Do user roles have different functions and levels of access to information within Pulse?

Yes, user roles have their own functions and different levels of access to information within Pulse. In the following example, the bottom of the Adding person widget in Student Pulse shows the new staff member’s role (Pulse Director), what information this role gives them access to (view, download, and export data and see help requests), and the functions attached to the role (be reached out to for help or sign off on help requests).

Permissions close up Pulse Director.png

Image 5: A sample user role, its functions, and level of access to information.

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