How to communicate with Parents and Guardians

How to introduce Pulse to Parents/Guardians

It’s important to share information about any initiative you are running with your school community. You can also copy and paste the below into an email or newsletter to direct the parents and guardians to the necessary information.


Dear Parents and Carers,

At [insert school name], we are proud to use a product called Pulse to measure the well-being of our students. It assesses the well-being of individual students so that the school can respond to those who express a need for help from supporting staff. Pulse will collect anonymized data on the emotional, physical, and social drivers of well-being so that we can make changes based on student’s voices.

For information about this initiative, please visit this website, where you will find FAQs and more detailed information, including the privacy policy and process descriptions.

We have considered how we will implement this initiative carefully.

Our students will be expected to complete their Pulse check-ins on [insert day and time] as a group in [insert class]. The school leadership will review the data [insert timeframe, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.], and we will share [insert what data you will share] with the students to get their feedback about what is going well and what can be improved around the school. 

The data we collect via Pulse will be an essential part of ensuring that we can respond to our students’ needs in a relevant and timely manner. However, if you want to remove your child from the process, please inform [insert contact here] in writing by [insert date].

Please get in touch with any questions you may have. We look forward to working as a community to measure and promote well-being and engagement at our school.



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