Engaging Staff and Students with Pulse

It is best to set up your organisational practices from the beginning so as to ensure student and staff engagement with Pulse from the beginning. If there is not a clear structure and process around when to check in and how the data is managed, you might experience student fatigue and staff who feel like it is "just another thing." Conversely, if you follow the guidelines below, your staff and students are likely to see the benefit of engaging with Pulse.

Consider the flow chart and details below.



Best Practice

Student checks in

Ideally students check in at the same time each week, in a classroom under supervision of the teacher. If staff pulse is used, this is a good time for the teacher to set an example and check in themselves.

Review Data

Pulse directors are able to export both wellbeing and experience data. Wellbeing data should be accessed weekly, and all help requests or other concerns should be actioned promptly. Experience data can be reviewed less often, though ideally it should be at least monthly. From here, wellbeing leaders can identify trends.

Share Findings (students)

Decide which (if not all) trends you would like to share with your students. Sharing the trends will show them that you are actioning the data and their check ins are meaningful.

We have two documents that can help structure the way you share insights. Use this insights presentation template to share short term findings, or make a copy of this data review plan to delve deeper and look into longer term trends.

Collect Feedback and Brainstorm (students)

Invite students to brainstorm and/or contact their teachers with ideas for how the school can action the data. This will make the experience meaningful and they will be more likely to engage with the app in an authentic way.

Share Findings (staff)

Share the trends with your staff at staff meetings.

Collect Feedback and Brainstorm (staff)

At staff meetings, discuss the data and brainstorm initiatives that can address any issues that arise.

Action Plan

After collecting feedback on potential initiatives, wellbeing team members create an action plan to address any issues that have been illuminated through the review.


Communicate the action plan to all stakeholders (staff, students, broader community) and keep them up to date with developments.

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