Staff Pulse Onboarding Part 1A: Create the staff spreadsheet

This article is intended for staff nominated to complete the Pulse onboarding.

This article outlines the steps in preparing the staff spreadsheet to be uploaded to Staff Pulse. This this is the first stage the Staff Pulse onboarding process:

What is the staff spreadsheet?

The staff spreadsheet is required in configuring Staff Pulse and helps your school bulk-upload staff data into the system. The spreadsheet should include all staff within the school who will be using Staff Pulse.

Before you start

Make sure you have access to your School Information System (SIS) or HR System, so you can download the required data to complete the staff spreadsheet. If you don’t have access to these systems, contact your school’s IT support for help.

Creating the Staff spreadsheet

Step 1: Download the the staff spreadsheet template

As a nominated staff member to complete the Staff pulse onboarding, you will receive an email which includes a link to the downloadable staff spreadsheet template and the link where you can upload the spreadsheet to Pulse. Save the template to your preferred folder.

Image 1: The email for Staff Pulse onboarding includes links for downloading the staff spreadsheet template and uploading
the completed spreadsheet.

Step 2: Fill out the Staff spreadsheet template

Enter staff details in the spreadsheet, as shown in the following example:

Image 2: Staff spreadsheet sample

Staff email, first name and last name are required. The check-in group refers to the group that staff should check in as part of, some common examples being Teaching Staff, Leadership Team, and Admin Staff. This column can be left blank for staff who will not be completing check-ins.

Important reminders in completing the staff spreadsheet

  • Name the check-in groups consistently. For instance, if you type in "Teaching Staff" and "Teacher" in the Check-in Group column, Pulse will create two separate groups instead of one for all teaching staff.
  • When adding other groups in the staff spreadsheet, you don't need to add more headers. The system will not recognise the new headers, causing errors when uploading.
  • Save the staff spreadsheet only as .xlsx or .xls.

Next step

Once your staff spreadsheet is complete, you can start uploading the spreadsheet to Staff Pulse.

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