Deploy Student Pulse in the school district with Clever or ClassLink

This article is for District Administrators and IT Administrators.

This article outlines how to deploy Student Pulse across your school district using Clever or ClassLink.

What you need

Complete the following steps or requirements before rolling out Pulse in your district.

  • Keep data up to date. Sync your data with your school’s rostering or information system.
  • Link your school district with your rostering system. Follow the steps provided in these guides.
  • Forward your IT Administrator’s contact details to your Pulse Success Manager. Give your Success Manager the name and contact details of the IT staff assigned to help deploy Student Pulse across your school district. The IT staff must have Administrator permissions to your rostering system and to deploy Pulse.
  • Receive the Pulse configuration email. Your Success Manager will send your IT Administrator, or the staff tasked to configure Student Pulse, an email containing the link to configure Student Pulse for your district.

Deploy Pulse

Sign in to Pulse using the deployment link provided in the email sent by your Success Manager and select PROCEED on the welcome page when you’re ready to set up Student Pulse.


Image 1. "Welcome to Pulse" screen

1. Add schools to Pulse

  1. Select the schools from your district that will be using Pulse, then select NEXT.

pul-gui-088_select schools.png

Image 2. Select the schools that will be using Pulse.

  1. Wait for Pulse to sync with your school’s SIS. This step can take a few minutes.


Image 3. Wait for the SIS to complete syncing

  1. Once syncing is complete, the following page will appear. Select PROCEED to continue.


Image 4. A notification will appear when data has been imported during sync.

2. Assign your Wellbeing team in Pulse

  1. Add the staff who will oversee Pulse at the District level by typing their name in the search field and selecting their name from the search results. Select NEXT.

pul-gui-088_add wellbeing 1.png

Image 5. Add the staff who will oversee Pulse at the District level.

  1. Add the staff who will oversee Pulse at the school level. You can add multiple staff for each school. You can also add more staff later if you need to.

pul-gui-088_add director.png

Image 6. Add staff who will monitor Pulse for school.

3. Set up your District-wide settings

Set your District-wide enrolment and student outreach settings.

  1. Select the Class type and Grades to enrol.
  2. Set the options for Student outreach:
    • Students can reach out to their school Pulse Director (required)
    • Students can reach out to their District wellbeing team - Select this option if you want students to reach out for help from staff in the district wellbeing team.
    • Students can reach out to their teachers - Select this option if you want students to be able to reach out for help from their class teachers.
    • Students can reach out to all staff - Select this option if you want students to be able to reach out to help from all staff at the school.
  3. Select NEXT to continue.

pul-gui-088_district settings.png

Image 7. Setting the district-wide settings

4. Review the school settings

  1. Review the settings for each school to be enrolled in Pulse. If a school doesn’t match the district settings, Enrollment Status will show Needs Attention. Check the Notes column for the issue's description. 

pul-gui-088_fix enrolment settings.png

Image 8. Enrolment settings for a school don't match those of the district’s.

  1. Select the school to change its settings, then select Save. In the following example, Cupertino Senior School does not have homeroom or advisory groups, so it needs to be enrolled into Pulse using a different class type.

pul-gui-088_cupertino snr.png

Image 9. Adjusting an individual school’s Pulse settings

  1. When Enrollment Status for all schools is ‘Ready’, select NEXT to proceed.

pul-gui-088_all settings ready.png

Image 10. Enrolment status

5. Schedule launch details

Pulse will ask you a series of questions to set up Student Pulse launch details that cover:

  1. How frequently should students check in?
  2. The Day and Time students should check in
  3. When Pulse should prompt students to check in
  4. When Pulse should remind students who have not yet checked in. Reminders are sent on a different schedule from the recurring prompts.
  5. The date Student Pulse should send out welcome emails

pul-gui-088_set launch details.png

Image 11. Setting the launch details

6. Send welcome emails to staff first

Set up Pulse to send welcome emails to staff before sending emails to students.

  1. On the “On what date would you like Student Pulse to send out welcome emails to…” question, select everyone.
  2. Select the date the welcome email should be sent.


    All enrolled staff and students will receive the welcome email on this date. They will receive the email at the same time unless you set how much earlier staff should get theirs in the next step.

pul-gui-088_set welcome emails.png

Image 12. Setting welcome emails to staff first

  1. Set how much earlier you want staff to receive their welcome email.
  2. Select DONE to confirm your launch details.


    You can always update these settings later. See: Changing your check-in schedule.

7. Finalise the configuration

Pulse will configure your set-up and will let you know once it's all finalised. Select OK.

pul-gui-088_all done.png

Image 13. Finalised Student Pulse configuration

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