Common Troubleshooting Issues

Troubleshooting tips for when the Pulse app is not working as you'd expect.


This article contains some common troubleshooting steps for glitches, site issues, problems loading, or any other unexpected behaviour when using Pulse.

Perform a hard refresh

Perform a hard refresh on the page by pressing Shift + CTRL + R on Windows or Shift + CMD + R on Mac. This is a quick way to load the most current version of the site!

Clear your browser's cache

Click on the browser you are using to see browser-specific instructions for clearing the cache: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge. This can help clear out any stored site data that could be causing issues.

Make sure your browser is up to date

We recommend always using the latest version of your browser. This website will tell you which version you are running, as well as provide instructions if it is not up to date.

Disable browser extensions

Sometimes browser extensions can interfere with interactive sites such as Pulse. Click the browser you are using to see instructions for opening it without extensions on: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Reporting an issue to Pulse support

If the steps above does not resolve your issue, contact Pulse support.

Providing the following information is quite helpful for our team:

  • A screenshot or photo of the issue: click the device or system you are using for instructions on how to take a screenshot: Windows, Mac, iPad,
  • If the issue is happening in an account other than your own, the name or email address on the account
  • A brief summary of the issue you are experiencing

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