Setting your questions: In Class or Remote

This explains how to manage the way wellbeing questions are asked if your students are on campus or doing remote learning.

Pulse provides a comprehensive suite of questions designed to give you insight into many aspects of the student wellbeing experience. Some questions relate specifically to aspects of wellbeing in class and on campus, while others relate to life at home or during remote learning. Most questions are important in both contexts.

There are two Pulse settings:

  1. In Class - This is the default mode. Questions suited to students participating in classroom learning.
  2. Remote - Questions suited to students participating in remote learning.

As In Class mode is the default, this will automatically be set up in Pulse. If you would like to switch to Remote mode:

  1. Select ‘Activate’ in the Remote section:
  2. A widget will pop up asking you to confirm this change. Select ‘Yes’ to proceed:
  3. On your In Class/Remote page, you will see that ‘Remote’ is now active:

To switch back to In Class select ‘Activate’ and click ‘Yes’ to confirm the change.

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