Changing your check-in schedule

There are two emails that get set up for participants and staff to go out from the Pulse system:

  • Prompt notification: sends an email prompting participants to check in for that week
  • Reminder notification: sends an email reminding participants to check in, if they haven't already for that week.
    Staff overseeing Pulse in the school will also receive an email notification reminding them to log in and review their participant's Pulse in the dashboard.

If you would like to change these notifications, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings and select Schedule. You will see what your current schedule is set to.
  2. Select the ‘Change’ button in the top right corner:
  3. A widget will pop out. Use the drop downs to select the day and time you would like the emails to go out:
  4. Select ‘Save’ to save the changes. On your Pulse Schedule page, the new day/times will be reflected:
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