Answering the Wellbeing question in staff check-in


This feature is not currently available in North America. Please contact your Success or Account Manager for more information.

This article is intended for Staff


When you check in to Pulse for the first time, you will be the Terms of Service and Privacy privacy policy. Select I understand and agree and PROCEED to continue.

Answering the Wellbeing question

The first question you will be asked in a check-in is, “How are you feeling at work this week?

Image 1: The first question Pulse will ask Staff upon checking in, is “How are you feeling at work this week”?

This question is identifiable, so if you select Who sees my responses? below the check-in question, a pop-up will indicate your response will be shared with the school:

Image 2: Staff response is shared with your school.


Your school’s Wellbeing Staff (e.g, Principal, Steward or a Wellbeing Coordinator) will see your responses to the Wellbeing question on their Pulse dashboard.

What’s next?

What happens next in the check-in will be determined by your response to the Wellbeing question.

  • If you select I'm feeling great, I’m feeling positive, I’m feeling in the middle, or I'm feeling negative, you will be taken to the rest of the check-in where you will answer Experience questions and have the opportunity to share gratitude.
  • If you select I'm having a tough week, you will be given the option to share what has been affecting you this week, and connect with a trusted staff member of your choosing.
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