Managing Your Enrollments

This article is for Pulse Coordinators.

This article takes you through the steps in managing enrolments for individual students and staff in Student Pulse.


If you need to manage enrolments in bulk, please contact Linewize Support (ANZ | US).

Managing student enrolments

  1. Sign in to Pulse > Student Pulse, then select Manage Enrolments on the right.


Image 1: Select Manage Enrolments

  1. Student Pulse will show the list of all enrolled students and staff on the right. Filter the list by selecting Students or use Search by entering their name or email address.

01_student pulse_enrolments page.png

Image 2: Filtering Student Pulse enrolments by role

  1. To manage student enrolments in Student Pulse, you can:

Managing staff enrolments


Changes to staff in Student Pulse do not appear in Staff Pulse because each Pulse will run independently of the other.  

  1. Sign in to Pulse > Student Pulse, then select Manage Enrolments on the right.
  2. The screen will show a list of all enrolled students and staff. You can filter the list by selecting a role in the Filter by role bar or typing their name or email in the Search bar.

find staff in student search.png

Image 3: Finding staff members in Student Pulse using filters and search

  1. To manage staff enrolments in Student Pulse, you can:


  • Staff members enrolled in Student Pulse oversee the wellbeing of the group or view the check-in data of the group to which they’re assigned. In the following example, staff member Delores Jennings is assigned as a Steward for the group Year 12 in Student Pulse. As a Steward, she can view her assigned group’s data and extend help to students in that group.

staff-assignment in student-pulse.png

Image 4: Sample group assignment for a staff member in Student Pulse.

  • Images 2 and 3 show the Pulse Coordinator dashboard for a school that uses both Student Pulse and Staff Pulse. Schools that use only one or the other will only see the program they are using.
  • A staff member can be enrolled in Staff Pulse but does not need to be enrolled in Student Pulse.
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