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This feature is not currently available in North America. Please contact your Success or Account Manager for more information.

At the end of a check-in, staff are able to express gratitude towards their peers or staff members that are enrolled in Pulse. Staff can nominate someone in the school, and then select an expression of gratitude to send. This article will help you navigate the Gratitude Section and understand the presented elements.


Current View

In the Current view you are able to see the number of gratitude expressions being sent within the whole school using Pulse.


The overview number on the left represents the total of gratitude expressed. In this example, 811 a raw count of gratitude expressions given. The small number underneath indicates if this is higher or lower than the last time period. In this example, the school is up 33 since the previous year.

This section also breaks down the type of gratitude expressed, how many gratitude expressions were sent to students and staff, and how many were sent in total. In this example, there have been 58 gratitude expressions for Fairness - 51 to students, and 7 to staff.

Over Time View

Toggling to the Over time view allows you to view the overall scores for each week over the selected time period (term or year).


Highlights Widget

The gratitude Highlights widget shows a summary of which kind of gratitude is given most frequently, and what proportion of your staff are giving gratitude.


Insights Widget


The gratitude Insights widget shows which groups (out of the groups you oversee) have given the most gratitude in the selected time period.


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