Wellbeing Section of the Dashboard Student Pulse

This section of the dashboard represents the wellbeing of each individual student for your assigned group. The data shown in this section are student responses to the Wellbeing Question: ‘How are you feeling today?’

It includes an overview section, trend section and a participant list to drill down. This article will help you navigate this section of the dashboard and understand the presented elements.


Current View


The overall score (the big number on the left), represents the number of students who have responded green (either ‘I’m feeling great’ or ‘I’m feeling positive’). In this example, 8.9 out of 10 students have reported that they are feeling either positive or great. The small number underneath indicates if this is higher or lower than the last time period. In this example, the school is up 0.4 since the previous week.


The range of responses is broken down by the number of students who responded in that category over the time period selected: over the last week, month, term or year.

Clicking on a category will show you just the students who have responded that way for the time period in the All Students part further down the page

Over Time View


Switching to the Over time view in the top right hand corner allows you to view a trend graph which will show you the average overall scores over time.

Trend Widgets

Help Inbox Widget


If you are a Steward or Pulse Director, this widget will allow you to see any current help requests. Clicking on this widget will take you to your Help Inbox.

Trending Up and Trending Down


These widgets allow you to identify the groups and individuals who are feeling more positively or negatively over time. This is particularly useful in understanding how students feel during assessment periods, before or after holidays, and during significant school events.

Clicking on the group or student will show that group or student in the All Students part, for you to see additional information about their check-in history

All Students

The All Students part of the Wellbeing Section will show you a list of your students check-in that week, and in recent weeks.


Clicking the 3 dot icon will show how a student has checked-in over time to help identify any patterns:


The ‘pinning’ feature on the far right allows you to pin the students to the top of the list for continuous monitoring:


You can filter the list to only see students who have responded in a particular way for their most recent check-in:


You can also search for students by name using the search bar, and view by different time periods:


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