Pulse User Roles and Permissions

This article is for Pulse staff.

This article provides an overview of the different user roles in Student and Staff Pulse.

Pulse has been designed with a structure that can be applied across all schools. To set up the system in a way that works best for your school, you need to decide who will be the points of contact when the participants ask for help and who will have visibility of the data.
We define users in Pulse by six distinct User Roles:

  • Pulse Director
  • Steward
  • Teacher (Student Pulse only)
  • Staff Directory (Student Pulse Only)
  • Coordinator
  • Student (Student Pulse only) / Participant (Staff Pulse only)

A small number of staff members will be Pulse Directors, typically wellbeing leaders, principals, counsellors etc.

At most schools, most staff will be Stewards. Stewards can see the responses to the wellbeing questions (“‘How are you feeling today?” in Student Pulse; “How are you feeling at work this week?” in Staff Pulse), can see if a request for help has been actioned by another steward, and can receive requests for help.

Some schools enrol staff members as Teachers (Student Pulse Only) rather than Stewards. This role allows staff to have oversight of wellbeing data for the group/s of students they are assigned to. By default, students cannot reach out to them for help unless the school has the “All staff can receive help requests” feature enabled.

The Staff Directory (Student Pulse Only) can include all staff in the school. This allows them to send and receive gratitude. If you have set up Pulse so that all staff can receive help requests, those in the Staff Directory role will also be able to receive help requests from students.

User Roles

  Staff Directory Teacher Steward Coordinator Pulse
Read data     
Send and receive gratitude
Be reached out to for help*      
See help requests to team members      
Give final sign off on help requests        
Download and export Pulse data        
Manage Pulse settings for the school        

* If the school has configured Pulse to allow for this, ALL staff can be reached out to help.

  • In Student Pulse, a staff member may be associated with multiple groups within the school but must be in the same user role for all the groups they oversee. For example, a staff member who oversees both a Year 9 group and a Blue House group would need to be a Steward for both of those groups
  • A staff’s User Role within Pulse doesn't need to be the same as their role within the school. For example, some schools want to allow their Principal or Senior Leadership team to have oversight of the Pulse data but not be someone that students can reach out to for help. For this to happen, these staff can be assigned the Teacher role and associated with the Whole School group.
  • When editing or adding new staff into Pulse, the modal will show the level of access the staff member has based on the role they are assigned:

Image: Staff modal showing the new staff member’s role and level of access to Pulse data

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