Overview of the Help Inbox

Pulse Directors and Stewards are able to have students reach out to them for help. You can see what a reach out for help looks like here: The Help Seeking Process.


This is what your Help Inbox will look like:


What happens when a student reaches out for help?

When a student reaches out to help from you, you will get both an email notification as well as a notification in Pulse. The notification in Pulse shows up in the top left hand corner of your dashboard:


You will also see any open help requests in the Help Inbox widget in the Wellbeing Section of the dashboard:


Clicking on either of these will take you to your Help Inbox.

Help Request Stages

There are four stages a help request will go through:

  1. New Request - a new help request will show up here
  2. Acknowledged Request - when you have acknowledged the help request in Pulse. The student will receive a notification that you have acknowledged their help request
  3. Resolved/Referred Request - when you have connected with the student, and either resolved their issue, or referred them on
  4. Archived Request - when the Pulse Director is satisfied that the help request has been managed

Actioning Help Requests

  1. Go into your Help Inbox and select the Help request being actioned.
  2. Select ‘Acknowledge’. This will send a notification to the student that you will be coming to talk with them soon:


  1. After connecting with the student and taking the appropriate next steps, you will be able to select ‘Mark As Done’:


  1. This will move the help request to the ‘Resolved/Referred Requests’ section. The Pulse Director will then be able to move the help request to archived when they are satisfied it has been appropriately actioned.

Team Inbox

Stewards and Pulse Directors will have access to a Team Inbox. The team inbox will show all the help requests that have come in for the group of students that the steward/Pulse Director oversees in the school, as well as the stage that each request is at. For example, a Year 9 Steward will only see help requests from Year 9 students in their Team Inbox.

Here is what the Team Inbox looks like:

Troubleshooting Help Requests Issues

An old help request is showing up on my dashboard how can I get it removed?

It's important to make sure you have understood the whole 'Help Request Stages'. If these stages do not help you resolve the issue, please see the below issues and how they can be resolved.

  • A staff member that has departed from the school, or they are absent, and the help request has been handled internally but has not been completed?


If you would like a help request “Completed”, please contact help@linewize.com (US) or help@linewize.io (ANZ) with this student and staff member details. You can also send a screenshot of what needs to be completed.

  1. We will lodge a ticket internally with our devolvement team, which will “Acknowledge” the help request (without emailing the recipient) and complete the request
  2. Then as a Pulse Director, the help request will then appear in your team inbox as Resolved/Referred Requests where you can "Archive" the help request.
  • It looks like the “Archive” help requests part of the flow doesn't happen. This means that they permanently sit in the “Resolved/Referred Requests” section of the Team Inbox?


The idea of the “Archive” feature (which is only available to Pulse Directors) is to record a final “Sign-off” that the help request has been handled to the Pulse Director’s satisfaction. Here are some screenshots showing the steps to archive help requests:

  1. In the Team Inbox, click on the student you want to Archive in the "Resolved/Referred Request" section


  1. Click on "Archive"


  1. This will then appear in the Team Inbox as "Archived"


I can see there is a new help request in the dashboard for me, but it is not appearing in “My Inbox”?

This can happen if schools have multiple email domains for the same person and then they have enrolled both email domains into Pulse. Unfortunately, the system has no way to know that two email domains point to the same person within an organisation. When it doesn't appear 'My Inbox', it means that the student has the option to ask for help against that user and will be visible to see in the dashboard but it won't appear in the correct inbox, unless you are logged in under the email domain that the student has requested help from.


  1. As a Coordinator, you can search within the Enrolments section to see if there are multiple domains for the same user.
  2. Once you have received that information from the system, please contact help@linewize.com (US) or help@linewize.io (ANZ) with all the details, (which email domain you would like to transfer the help request to and keep in the system).
  3. A ticket will be lodged with our development team. The help requests will be transferred to the correct user email domain and unenrol the incorrect user email domain.
  4. Then the staff member can finalise the help-seeking process for that student in the system
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