Gratitude Section of the dashboard

The Pulse dashboard has been designed to help staff and school leaders understand the wellbeing of their students at the individual level and cohort-wide. The Gratitude tab of your dashboard shows you an overview of gratitude-giving at your school. 

During their check-in,  students can nominate someone in the school and then select an expression of gratitude to send. You can use the dashboard to see how much and what kinds of gratitude your students are giving to peers and staff members, what students themselves are grateful for, and how gratitude-giving changes over time.


Current View

In the Current view, you are able to see the number of gratitude expressions being sent within the school using Pulse. There are two sections:

  • Gratitude given: reports on the types of gratitude that students or staff members have been sending.
  • What are you grateful for: reports which option the student has selected in response to the question

Each section reports on answers for the corresponding question in the Student Pulse Check-in.

You can see Custom Gratitude values even if they haven’t been selected as a gratitude option.


A. Give gratitude Send gratitude directly from the Dashboard to a Student or Staff member.
B. Time Period Select the time period you want to view. Clicking a different time period will show you all Gratitude data for the current instance of that time period.
C. Change Display Toggle between Current view and Over time view.
D. Gratitude Count Represents the number of gratitude sent in the selected time period.
E. Change since last Time Period Indicates if this is higher or lower than the last chosen time period.
F. Gratitude breakdown Breaks down the type of gratitude expressed, how many gratitude expressions were sent to students and staff, and how many were sent in total.

Over Time View

Toggling to the Over time view allows you to view the overall scores for each week over the selected time period (term or year).



Highlights Widget


The gratitude Highlights widget shows a summary of which kind of gratitude is given most frequently, and what proportion of your students are giving gratitude.


The gratitude Insights widget shows which groups (out of the groups you oversee) have given the most gratitude in the selected time period.

Using Gratitude data

Expressing gratitude contributes to a positive, supportive, and thriving learning environment that benefits students, teachers, and the entire school community. Pulse highlights what values students and staff are sending gratitude to the most. You can also add your school’s gratitude points to see whether students align with your school’s values.

By recognizing and celebrating the standout gratitude points, your students may be more motivated and closer on a community level. Celebrations can occur during school assemblies, dedicated well-being sessions, or through inclusion in the school newsletter.

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