Changing your Pulse Status

You are able to put Pulse on pause to stop email notifications from being sent out.

This can be helpful if you have a short break from school, or if you don't have your term dates set up yet. If you have your term dates set up, you are able to set Pulse up to pause automatically during the breaks. Use these steps for Setting up your term dates and managing notifications during the holidays.

To pause or unpause email notifications for Pulse:

  1. Go to Settings, and select Schedule. You will be able to see your current Pulse Status.

  2. Select the ‘Change' button next to the Pulse is currently Active (your students will receive notifications):

  1. A widget will pop out showing your current status:

  1. Use the toggle to change your settings:

  1. Select ‘Save’ to save these changes in. You will see your updated status in the Pulse Status section:


Pulse will show you if it is paused on your schedule page, but also at the top of the lefthand section of the dashboard.

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