Experience Questions in the staff check-in


This feature is not currently available in North America. Please contact your Success or Account Manager for more information.

Following the Wellbeing Question, staff will be asked 5 sentiment and experience questions (unless they have selected ‘I’m having a tough week’, which will take them down the help-seeking path). The sentiment and experience questions come from a bank of 66 questions. Each staff member will get a randomized selection of questions each time they complete a check-in. Each question will have 5 responses staff can select from, from super-green (most positive response) to red (most negative response):


The opportunity to give free text feedback on the immediately preceding experience question will sometimes be given to staff.


These rules apply to how the text box appears and which question is linked to:

  • If someone picks the “worst” option, pulse asks them for a free text response immediately.
  • Otherwise, on the last question,
    • If they pick the “best” option or the “second worst” option, there’s a 75% chance they get asked for a free text response.
    • If they pick the “second best” option, there’s a 50% chance they get asked for a free text response.

Like all experience data, their free text responses are anonymous, and this is optional, and you can skip if there is nothing to add.


Assigned staff will see your response at the school with your identity removed. Pulse Directors and Stewards will see the staff’s responses to the experience questions in the Experience Section of the dashboard under Feedback.


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