Annual Rollover

Towards the end of the academic year, Pulse will dispatch an email notification to the appointed coordinator, updating them about the new rollover process. You will need to log in to Pulse and enter the necessary information for the upcoming academic year's onboarding process, specifying the individual responsible for data uploading and Pulse configuration.


All Pulse deliveries will be concluded at the end of the school's term dates indicated in the system. After this date, Pulse administrators can still access the data, but participants won't be able to log in for check-ins.

The Annual Rollover Process 

  1. In Pulse, go to Rollover.
  2. You will need to complete the relevant sections that apply to your school.


  1. Select Edit, and the Edit Details window will appear.
    1. For Switch to Wonde Integration, select Yes or No. (Student Pulse Only)
    2. For Who will be importing your data?, select a user.
    3. For Who will be configuring Pulse?, select a user.
    4. Select Save.


  1. Once completed, the rollover page will update to Complete.


Wonde Integrations

  • If you are already integrated with Wonde: You only need to nominate the person configuring Pulse, as your enrolment data is automatically shared.
  • If you are not currently integrated with Wonde: Select Yes in response to Switch to Wonde Integration. Your customer support team will be in touch with the next steps to integrate with Wonde.


You won’t be able to continue with onboarding until the Wonde integration is complete.

Onboarding in the new academic year

At the beginning of the academic year, all nominated staff for onboarding in the upcoming academic year will receive an email to initiate the process.

  • For manual onboarding: The designated data sharer will receive an email prompting them to log into Pulse and upload the year's data. The onboarding will proceed as usual thereafter.
  • For Wonde integrations: If the integration is complete, the designated data sharer will receive an email inviting them to log into Pulse and configure it for the year. You won’t be able to continue with onboarding until the Wonde integration is complete.
  • For Schools that still need to complete onboarding: You will receive additional reminder emails to complete this process.


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