[US ONLY] Opting out of Pulse Check-in

This article is for US Pulse Co-ordinators.

Some US schools may require consent from parents or guardians for students to use Pulse Check-in. Schools can opt students out of Pulse if consent is not given.


If you do not see the Opt Out option in your Pulse Dashboard, please contact Pulse support.

Opting out users


Uploading a new CSV file will replace the current list of users. If you want to add more users to the list, please make sure you include the existing users in your new CSV file.

  1. In the Pulse Coordinator dashboard, Student Pulse > Settings > Opt Out.
  2. Select Upload Opt Out CSV File.
  3. Follow the instructions on the pop-up window and create your Opt Out CSV File.
  4. Once you’ve created your CSV file, select Upload Opt Out CSV File and upload the file into Pulse.opt out csv upload.png
                                              Img 1: Upload Opt Out CSV File Pop-Up
  5. After the CSV file is uploaded, Pulse will process and display all valid email addresses that were uploaded. Check this against your original list to confirm that all users are present.
  6. If the user list matches your CSV list, select Confirm, or if users are missing, edit your CSV file and select Replace Opt Out List.
  7. Once you’ve confirmed the user list, Pulse will Sync and opt out any users on your list.
    • If the sync was successful, you will see a Syncing Success message.
    • If the sync was unsuccessful, you will see a Syncing Failure. If the sync fails, please refresh your browser and try uploading your CSV file again. If further issues occur, please contact Pulse Support.
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