How do I seek help as a student?

This article is for Students.

Pulse gives you a few options to reach out to trusted adults at school for help during your Pulse check-in. You can choose from a shortlist, talk to someone right away, or find a person at school whom you trust.

Choose from a shortlist

When answering the first question, “How are you feeling today?” select I need some help.

01_need some help.png

Image 1. Select I need some help.

Next, select who you would like to ask for help at your school, like your teacher, the principal, or a school counsellor. Select the name of the person you want to get help from.


Image 2. Select the name of the person you want to seek help from.

Talk to someone straight away

After sending the help request, Pulse will ask, “Need help right now?” and list services you can use if you need to talk to somebody right away. Select one of the options, if you don't think you can’t wait for someone from school to follow up with your request. Otherwise, select No thanks, then log out of Pulse.


Image 3. Select a wellbeing service to speak to right away.

Use Search


The Search bar is available only to certain schools.

If the name of the person you’d like to ask for help from doesn’t appear on the short list, you can enter their name in the Search bar and select it from the suggestions.

Pulse will send them a message to tell them you want their help and email you when the staff has viewed your request.


Image 4: Use Search to find a trusted staff member to ask for help.

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