How do I check in as a student?

This article is for Students using Pulse in Australia and New Zealand.

You can check in to Pulse on your computer, tablet, or phone. Pulse asks four types of questions: Wellbeing, Experience, Reflection and Gratitude.


Select the Sound icon (speaker) and Pulse will read out the questions and options to you.

Wellbeing question

The first question Pulse asks is always, “How are you feeling today?”.

img1_wellbeing question.png

Image 1. Pulse starts with the Wellbeing question, "How are you feeling today?"

Based on your response, Pulse will ask you more questions or ask if you want to talk to a trusted staff member.

If you select I’m feeling great, I’m feeling positive, I’m feeling in the middle, or I'm feeling negative, Pulse will ask how you're feeling. Select an answer from the options provided. Your school will be able to see how you answered these questions.

img2_wellbeing followup question.png

Image 2. Pulse will ask more questions based on your answer to the first Wellbeing question.

If you select I need some help, Pulse will ask if you want to talk to a teacher, a counsellor or another adult at school whom you trust.

You can select the name of the person you want to ask for help, and then confirm your choice by selecting Yes. Pulse will send you an email or an alert on your phone’s Pulse app when the staff member has seen your message.

img 3_who would you like to ask for help.png

Image 3. Pulse will ask who you would like to ask for help if you answered, “I need some help” to the Wellbeing question, “How are you feeling today?”

Experience Questions

Next, Experience questions ask how you feel about school and life in general. Each question has five responses you can choose from – from green (most positive) to red (most negative).

Your school will see your responses at a group level, such as your class, year group, or homeroom, but it won’t show your name.

img4_experience question.png

Image 4. An Experience question with five responses you can choose from.

Reflection Question

The last part of the main check-in is a Reflection question, which asks what makes you happy, relaxed, or excited. Only you can see your answer and your response to this question will be part of a special wellbeing summary you'll receive at the end of each term.

img5_reflection question.png

Image 5. The Reflection question asks what makes you happy, relaxed, or excited.

Share Gratitude

The Gratitude section is the last stage of your Pulse check-in. You'll be able to express and share gratitude to a peer or a staff member at your school. Pulse will ask What are you grateful for today? Pick one answer.

Your school will see what gratitude you sent, but only the recipient will see it.

img6_what are you grateful for.png

Image 6. The Gratitude question asks what you’re grateful for today.

You can send gratitude with another student or staff member, or ask Pulse to suggest a list of names.

Share gratitude with a student or staff member

  1. Select Share with a peer (another student) or Share with a staff member (an adult).

img7_share gratitude options.png

Image 7. You can send gratitude to a peer or a staff member, or let Pulse choose them for you.

  1. Start typing their name in the search widget. If their name is longer than five letters, you'll need to type at least five letters to search.
  2. Select the correct person from the list, then choose the gratitude you want to give them.
  3. (Optional) Add a GIF to your message by selecting the GIF widget. 
  4. Select Send to let them know you appreciate them!

Ask Pulse for suggestions

  1. Select Surprise me.
  2. Pulse will suggest three people you might want to give gratitude to. Choose one from the suggestions list. 


    Select Surprise me again to ask Pulse to suggest more names.

  3. Choose the gratitude you want to give them, or select Just Say Thanks.
  4. (Optional) Add a GIF to your message by selecting the GIF widget and confirming your choice by selecting Confirm.
  5. Select Send to let them know you appreciate them!

The check-in will end after you send your gratitude message. You can sign out after Pulse confirms your gratitude will be shared with your chosen recipient.

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