Resources Section of the Student Pulse dashboard

The Resources section of the dashboard contains more than 150 tips and playbooks including activities to conduct with your students, advice to share with parents, and stories that you can enjoy yourself, or share with your colleagues.

You can see a quick video of the Resources Section here.

New and Noteworthy Resources

New and noteworthy resources will be highlighted at the top of the page. These are resources which have recently been added, or are relevant at the time.


Recommended Resources

Pulse will recommend resources to you based on the responses collected from your students.


Hovering over the ‘Information’ symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the resource, will show you the results from the related domains that are leading to the resource being suggested:


Recommended Resources will also show up in the Experience Section of the dashboard.

All Resources

The All Resources part of the Resources Section is a library where you can access all the available resources. They are categorised against the Pulse wellbeing domains, so they are easy to browse.


You are able to filter resources by searching for key terms using the search bar in the top right corner:


You can also filter by the Pulse experience domains using the drop down menu next to the search bar:


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