Wonde: Deploying Student Pulse

This article is intended for IT Administrators.

You can integrate Wonde with Pulse to automatically sync and authenticate your students, teachers and classrooms. Integrating Wonde will allow you to update student, staff, or class information inside Wonde rather than manually updating records inside Pulse.

Before you start

Before deploying Student Pulse using Wonde:

  1. Enable Single Sign On.
  2. Make sure your School is integrated with Wonde. 
    • If your school is integrated with Wonde already, Wonde will contact the nominated IT Staff member in the Wonde portal for permission to integrate Pulse with Wonde.
    • If your school is not integrated with Wonde, please nominate an IT Staff member to Pulse. Pulse can request the integration then Wonde support will contact a nominated IT Staff member to set up integration with the school.

Our support team is available to help you with these steps.

Configuring Pulse

Getting Started

1. You will receive an email from Pulse with the subject line Student Pulse - Ready to Onboard.

Ready to onboard email.png

Img 1: Student Pulse Ready to Onboard Email

2. Click on the link in the email, which will take you to Pulse. If you are logging in for the first time, you will see the Pulse privacy policy. Once you have read and understood the terms, check the checkbox confirming this, and click Proceed.

3. You will land on the welcome screen. Select Proceed to start configuring Pulse.

The next screen will explain the steps needed in this deployment. Select Proceed to get started. Pulse will take a few minutes to sync with your SIS.

configuring pulse.png

Img 2: Configuring Pulse Step


Step 1: Add Students to Pulse

1. Select the year levels you would like to enrol in Pulse. Select Next to proceed.

2.Select the class types (such as classes or houses) you want to enrol in Pulse from your SIS. Select Next to proceed.

3. Select the classes you want to enrol in Pulse from these selections. Select Next to proceed.

Step 2: Confirm your school email domains

Confirm which staff email domains you want to enrol in Pulse. The email domain is required for staff members to use Single Sign-on.  Click Next to proceed.

Step 3: Set up your school structure

Pulse will attempt to build out your school structure.

School structure.png
Img 3: School Structure configuration with the imported School Structure from Wonde

If this is correct, select Next at the bottom of the page to proceed. If you need to make edits (for example adding House groups), click Edit School Structure (OPTIONAL).

Editing your school structure (OPTIONAL)

1. Click EDIT SCHOOL STRUCTURE, then add a group by clicking + Add Group at the top of the page. In this example, a “Houses” group was added.

2. Drag and drop the existing groups to the new group.

edit school structure.png
Img 4: Student Pulse Ready to Onboard Email

3. You can rename each group by clicking the pencil icon and updating the name in the widget. Click Save when the group name is correct.

4. Click Next to proceed and save these changes.

Step 4: Assign your wellbeing team in Pulse

Wonde will sync all school staff into a Staff Directory in Pulse. You must assign Wellbeing staff to the relevant group/s of students they oversee within the school to give them visibility over their student check-in data.


Staff members who are in the Staff Directory but are not assigned to a class or group will not have any oversight of students' wellbeing data. However, they will be able to receive gratitude from students.

1. Add your Pulse Directors. Pulse Directors are staff that will need to have complete oversight of Pulse. To attach a staff member to a group, start typing their name. If they are in your SIS, their names should appear for selection.

2. Pulse will then go through the different groups in your school structure for you to add the relevant staff members who will oversee each group. Multiple staff members can be added to oversee each group.


You only need to attach staff to their “highest” group. For example, if a staff member needs complete oversight of Grade 8, you will only need to attach them to the Grade 8 group instead of each class underneath Grade 8. If a staff member needs complete oversight of all grades, you only need to attach them to the Grades group.

3. If there are groups that don’t require specific staff to oversee them, you can select Next. Pulse will ask you to confirm these groups do not require staff members. Select OK to confirm.

Adding staff who aren't in your SIS to Pulse


If you use a SIS, you should add staff to your SIS instead of adding them directly to Pulse. Pulse will sync with your SIS daily and import any new users from your SIS to Pulse.

1. If a staff member's name isn’t showing in Pulse, you can add them in manually. Select Add missing staff at the bottom of the screen.

2. Add in the staff member’s details and click Save. Pulse will add the staff member to the Staff Directory, and you can attach them to the appropriate group.

Configuring help responders

Once you have attached your wellbeing team to the relevant groups, you can configure your help responders. Help responders are staff members that students in their group can seek wellbeing support from.

Pulse will also pull the assigned class teacher data from your SIS and attach these staff automatically to their class group (such as 7A, 7B, etc.). You can choose whether students can also seek help from their class teacher by toggling the option to Yes and clicking Next.

Confirm your wellbeing team

Pulse will present you with the names of your wellbeing team. We recommend that you assign a staff member to all groups at the school. You can edit these settings later if you are a Pulse Coordinator.

Select Next to confirm or click Back to go back to make edits to ensure that the correct staff members can access the relevant Pulse data.

Step 5: Schedule launch details

1. Click + Add Term button to add new terms. Give your term a name, like “Term 1”, “Trimester 1”, “Semester 1”, etc.

2. Once you’ve set up your term dates, you should set Pulse to automatically pause during term breaks using the toggle at the bottom.

term dates.png
Img 5: Term Dates setup page

Setting up your start date and email reminders

Finally, set up the check-in and email reminder cadence, and tell Pulse when to send welcome emails to your teachers and students. You can edit these schedule settings later if you are a Pulse Coordinator.

launch schedule.png
Img 6: Configure launch details and welcome email deployment

1. How frequently would you like your students to check in? You can choose Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly by clicking on the dropdown button.

2. On what day of the week would you like your students to check in? You can select any day of the week by clicking on the dropdown button.

3. At what time on (Selected Day here) would you like your students to be prompted to check in? You can select a time between 6:00AM and 3:45PM.

4. On what day at (Selected check in time) should students who haven’t checked in be reminded? You can select any day of the week, students will be sent a reminder email at the selected check in time that day.

5. On what date would you like Student Pulse to send out welcome emails to (Selected Group)? You can choose one of two options:

  1. Everyone receives the welcome emails at the same time
    • Select Everyone as the group and the date that they are sent the email.
  2. Teachers receive the welcome emails earlier than students.
    • Select Students as the group which will then display the When would you like Student Pulse to send out welcome emails to your teachers? option.
    • Select your preferred time from the dropdown menu for the emails for teachers to be sent.

6. Click Done to confirm all your launch details and Pulse will configure for a few minutes. Pulse will advise once the configuration and deployment is complete.


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