What emails do staff and students receive?

Staff and students will receive emails from Pulse depending on how Pulse is deployed at your school. The frequency and timing of emails are customisable inside the Pulse Coordinator dashboard.

If your school uses the Pulse app (currently only available in the ANZ region), all emails sent by Pulse will include your School Code to verify the Pulse app on your devices. Gratitude emails can also be received by staff overseeing Pulse, even if they are not participants.

The emails sent from Pulse include:

Gratitude emails

Gratitude can be given at the end of a Pulse check-in or by a staff member who oversees Pulse by clicking the “Give gratitude” button on the Pulse Dashboard. When a Pulse participant sends gratitude to another person, Pulse will email the receiver to advise them that they’ve received gratitude immediately after the Pulse check-in. When a staff member gives gratitude through the Pulse Dashboard, a gratitude email will be sent immediately to the recipient.

Figure 1: Gratitude received email to say thank you from a Pulse participant.

Emails to Pulse Participants

Welcome email

Participants of Pulse will receive a Welcome email like the one below when Pulse is first deployed to the school. The email will briefly describe the check-in process and provide a link to log into Pulse.

Figure 2: Welcome email for participants of Pulse Check-in

Prompt to Check-In email

Pulse will email students based on your school’s check-in cadence (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly). The Pulse coordinator can update this cadence at any time.

Figure 3: Email to advise the participant to check in with Pulse

Reminder to Check-In email

Pulse coordinators can set a reminder email to be sent to participants or choose not to send a reminder. Participants can check in with Pulse at any time, and the check-in will count for the calendar week it’s completed on.

Figure 4: Email to remind the participant to check in with Pulse

Help Request Acknowledged

If help is requested during Pulse check-in, Pulse will email the selected staff member selected immediately. Once the staff member acknowledges a participant’s request for help inside their Pulse Dashboard, Pulse will send that participant a help request acknowledgement email.


Figure 5: Email to let you know that your request for help has been acknowledged for participants in ANZ.


Figure 6: Figure 6: Email to inform you that your request for help has been acknowledged for participants in the UK.

Emails to Staff Overseeing Pulse

Welcome Email

Staff overseeing a group of students (or staff, if the school is using Staff Pulse) in Pulse will be sent a welcome email when Pulse is first deployed at the school. The Pulse coordinator may send the staff welcome email before the student welcome emails are sent. The email will give a brief overview of how to log in to the Pulse dashboard and what kind of data can be found in the Pulse dashboard.

Figure 7: Welcome email for staff overseeing a group in Pulse Check-in

Reminder email for staff 

Pulse will email staff overseeing Pulse based on your school’s check-in cadence to remind them to review their students’ check-in data. The Pulse coordinator can set the time that reminder emails are sent or choose not to send reminder emails. This email will go out when participants receive their reminder/second email for the week.

Figure 8: Email to remind a staff overseeing Pulse to log in to check participant’s responses

Request for Help

Pulse will immediately email Staff members if a student or another staff member has requested help from them during check-in. If a staff member’s help has been requested, that staff member can see the help request in the Help Inbox section of the dashboard for students and other staff members.

2023-08-17 14_51_38-work pc - TeamViewer.png

Figure 9: Email to advise a staff member who has been requested to help a participant

School Code

When participants install the Pulse app, they will be asked for a School Code to register against. Emails to participants will include the School Code at the end of the email. Mobile app users will receive push notifications as well as emails from Pulse.

Figure 10: School code attached to all ANZ Pulse emails 

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