How to export check-in data from your dashboard

This article is intended for Pulse Directors.


Reports exported from Pulse contain highly sensitive content and must be kept securely. We recommend deleting the report if an exported report is no longer required.

You can export three kinds of reports from your Pulse Dashboard to help you explore your school’s wellbeing and experience check-in data. You can choose whole-school or cohort-specific data by selecting the group on the left-hand menu and then exporting the report.

Types of reports

You can export the following reports:

  • Summary Report: a summary of your Pulse check-in data.
  • Wellbeing Data: a spreadsheet of students' responses to the wellbeing question, “How are you feeling today?”.
  • Experience Data: a spreadsheet of responses to the experience questions.

These reports will cover all data from your school’s first check-in from the current academic year up to the date you export the report. If you have been in a Pulse Director role for the past year(s), you will find an option in the left-hand menu to export these reports from previous years under “Last year's data.” 

To download and export reports, select the Reports and Data dropdown menu.

 Img 1: Pulse Dashboard showing the Reports and Data dropdown menu.

You can export the whole school data or choose a specific group by selecting the group on the left-hand menu and then clicking Export.

 Img 2: Pulse Dashboard showing the School Groups.

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