Setting Up Your Pulse Dates

During onboarding, you will need to set up your start date, when you want your reminders going out, and term dates.

The final steps in onboarding is to set up your Pulse dates, including your school term dates when you want your reminders going out, and your launch dates for Pulse.

Setting up your term dates

You will be invited to set up some term dates for your school:


Once you’ve set up your term dates, you’ll have the option to set Pulse to automatically pause during term breaks using the toggle at the bottom. When enabled, Pulse will automatically Pause notifications until the start of the next term:



We recommend enabling the pause over the breaks for Student Pulse, as it will prevent your students receiving notifications while on holidays. For Staff Pulse, the choice is yours - if the majority of your staff take leave during term breaks, you might want to enable this feature.

You can skip this during onboarding, and come back to it later. Check out this article which shows you how you can manage your term settings after onboarding: Manage notifications during the holidays in Pulse.

Setting up your launch details and reminders

Pulse will ask you a series of questions to set up your launch details, check-in cadence and reminders. Go through and answer the questions to set these up:


Reminder emails going out at a different time to prompt emails

If you would like your reminder to be at a different time to your prompt email, select the time in the 'On what day at ... should students who haven't checked in be reminded?' question. This will allow you to select a different time:


Staff receiving welcome emails first

If you would like your staff to receive their welcome emails before your students, select everyone.


You will then be given the option for the email to be sent to your staff earlier:


These settings can always be updated at a later point: How to update email reminder days/time

Also see: What emails do staff and students receive?

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