Experience Section of the Student Pulse dashboard

The Experience Section of the dashboard presents the aggregated and anonymised responses to the experience questions. The questions are drawn from the ARACY Common Approach framework, which covers six domains of wellbeing. You can find more information about the ARACY Common Approach here. This article will help you navigate the Experience Section and understand the presented elements.


Current View


The overall score on the left represents the proportion of responses that are either super green or green (the more positive responses). You can also see an overall score for each of the 6 domains. The arrow indicators shows the proportion this has changed either positively or negatively over the selected time (month, term, year). In this example, the overall score is 8.8, which is up 1.4 since the previous month. The Valued and Safe domain is 8.7, which is up 1.1 since the previous month.

As the dashboard is adaptive, being in the All Domains view will show you data across all 6 of the wellbeing domains. You are able to drill down into each of the 6 domains of wellbeing as well.

Over Time View


The Over time option allows you to see a trend graph based on the overall scores over the selected period (term or year) to measure the change in sentiment over time.

Recommended Resources

Pulse will recommend resources to you in the Experience section, based on the responses collected from your students.


Hovering over the ‘Information’ symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the resource, will show you the results from the related domains that are leading to the resource being suggested:


You can read more about the Resources Section here.

Trend widgets

The trend widgets will highlight areas of interest that Pulse has identified based on your students check-in responses.



The Highlights widget shows your most positive and most improved groups based on the experience data over the selected time period. When viewing All Domains, it also displays the domain that scored most highly.


The Challenges widget shows you the group for which the experience data was most negative and the group that had the biggest decline over the selected time period. When viewing All Domains, it also displays the domain that scored lowest.

Key Questions


The Key Questions widget shows which sub-domains, based on the data, had the most positive or negative impact for the selected time period. The Most Polarised section shows the sub-domain with the highest variance in responses, indicating the sub-domain having the least agreement among respondents.

Experience Heatmap

Score View

The heatmap offers cross-sectional data across the domains and sub-domains of wellbeing, across different cohorts within the school for the selected time period (month, term or year).


Each score in the heatmap represents the proportion of students in that group who have answered that question in that domain or specific question as super-green or green. The closer the number is to 10, the higher the proportion of students who have responded positively in that domain, sub-domain or question.

In the example above, the Whole School level is sitting at 8.7 in the Valued and Safe domain, but variation can be seen across different groups within the school - Year 10 is sitting at 8.3 overall, while 10A is sitting at 7.1.

Clicking on a score allows you to see the range of responses received:


If a box is blank, that means not enough responses have been collected in that question, sub-domain or domain yet.

Variation View

Switching to the Variation view in the top right corner changes the scores shown in the heatmap to show the degree of change (positive or negative) change over the selected time period (month, term or year).


Clicking on a score allows you to see the range of responses received, and how this compares to the previous time period:


Drilling Down

You are able to drill down into each of the 6 domains of wellbeing by selecting the domain at the top of the page. This will update everything in the Experience Section to reflect the responses collected in the selected domain.


The overall score now shows the proportion of super-green and green responses in this domain, as well as showing the overall results in each of the sub-domains.

In the drill down view, the Experience Heatmap will show the breakdown of responses for different cohorts in the school across the domain, sub-domains and questions:


Hovering your mouse over a question that is cut-off will allow you to see the whole question:



You will find the Benchmarking segment located at the bottom of the Experience section of the dashboard. Here, you will be able to see how the data for your cohort of students compares to other schools across your region for the selected period of time (week, month or year):


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