Student Pulse Onboarding Part One (b): Uploading the Student Pulse spreadsheet

This article is intended for Staff nominated to complete the Student Pulse onboarding.

This article takes you through the steps on how to upload your spreadsheets into Pulse. Once Single Sign On (SSO) has been set up and you have completed your school data spreadsheets, you will be able to log in to Pulse to complete the first part of the onboarding process, import school data. If your school is continuing its Pulse subscription this year, you don’t need to set up SSO again.

Uploading the Student Pulse spreadsheets

Using the link sent directly from Pulse, you will be able to log in to Pulse to upload your spreadsheets. If you haven’t yet created your spreadsheets, refer back to this article before going any further: How to create your Student Pulse spreadsheets for uploading into Pulse.

  1. Select the link in the email ‘Student Pulse - Ready to Onboard’, to access part one of the onboarding process:


  2. If you are logging in for the first time, you will need to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Select PROCEED.
  3. On the Welcome to Pulse screen, select PROCEED.


  4. The next screen explains the steps in Part One. Select PROCEED if your spreadsheets are ready.


  5. Select UPLOAD and locate the student spreadsheet to be imported.


  6. Pulse will validate your data and let you know how many students have been imported. Select NEXT.


  7. If you have the optional teaching staff spreadsheet, select UPLOAD. However, if you aren’t using this spreadsheet, select Skip this, we don’t have Teacher data.


  8. If you're uploading a teaching staff spreadsheet, Pulse will validate your data and let you know how many teaching staff have been imported. Select NEXT.


  9. On the Upload staff directory spreadsheet screen, select UPLOAD and locate the staff directory spreadsheet to be uploaded.


    If the spreadsheet has errors, the system will let you know what to correct and you can upload the spreadsheet again. If there are no errors, the system will confirm the upload and how many students, teaching staff and staff have been uploaded to Pulse.

  10. Pulse will validate the staff data and show you how many people you’ve added to the staff directory. Select FINISH IMPORT.

Next step

Pulse will email the person set to complete Part Two of the Student Pulse onboarding to tell them that Part One has been completed.  

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