Setting up your term dates and managing notifications during the holidays

If you would like to pause notifications during school holidays, Pulse allows you to specify the term dates for your school and gives you the option to automatically pause on your set term boundaries.

There is a two-step process:

Note before taking the steps in the system:

  • Term dates apply to all your Pulse products, but if you have both Staff Pulse and Student Pulse, you can have different settings for automatically pausing during term breaks for Staff Pulse and Student Pulse.
  • We recommend enabling this for Student Pulse since it will prevent your students from receiving notifications while on holiday. For Staff Pulse, the choice is yours - if the majority of your staff take leave during term breaks, you might want to enable this feature.

Step one: Configure the Term Dates set up for your school;

  1. As a Coordinator, visit the settings section of Pulse.

  2. Browse to the Term Dates menu item.

  3. To modify your term dates, click the Change button:

  4. In the dialog box, add, delete or update your term dates as desired:

  5. Click Save.

Step two: Adjust whether to Pause automatically during term breaks:

  1. As a Coordinator, visit the settings section of Pulse.

  2. Browse to the Student Pulse or Staff Pulse menu item as appropriate to your school.

  3. Browse to the 'Schedule' settings page:

  4. Click the Change button and adjust to the desired setting

    Switch on: Pulse will automatically pause notifications during term breaks.

    Switch off: Pulse will never pause notifications during term breaks.

  5. Click Save to close off the dialog box.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 if you have both products.


    If you have switched on automatically pause term breaks, the system will let you know when it will pause automatically for your Pulse.

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