Part One (a): Import school data - How to create your Student Pulse spreadsheets for uploading into Pulse

This article will explain the three spreadsheets you can prepare before uploading into Pulse. If you have access to your School Information Systems and HR Systems this is something you can do yourself. If not, you can refer this task to someone in your school i.e your I.T department to support you in preparing this information for the spreadsheets and the upload into Pulse. You will need to inform your Customer Success Manager who will be completing this task.

You can download the spreadsheets, by clicking the links below:

  1. Student spreadsheet - mandatory
  2. Teaching staff spreadsheet - optional
  3. Staff directory spreadsheet - mandatory

Upload 1: Student spreadsheet

The student spreadsheet is mandatory and needs to contain all of the students that will participate in Pulse. It will need to include their first name, surname, email address, year level, and class they are in. You should be able to download this information from your School Information System.

Example of student spreadsheet: Email, First Name, Last Name, Year Level, Class

Pulse will use the groups (Year level, Class, and or House/Pastoral classes) included in the student spreadsheet to build your school structure. Read more here.

Important things to consider before you get started:

  • At a minimum, you will need to include students' year level and class. If your school wellbeing structure consists of other groups, such as houses or pastoral care groups, you can add this information too by adding additional columns to the right.
  • When adding other groups in the student and teaching staff spreadsheet, you do not need to add a header in the additional columns. The system will not recognise other headers and will cause an error when uploading.
  • Stick to one way of formatting your data to be consistent across your groups. For example: in your Year Levels column, if you have different formatting for different students e.g. Year 10, Yr10, year10, 10, then Pulse will recognise each of these as different groups. If using a teaching staff spreadsheet, the classes teachers are attached to need to be formatted in the same way as your student spreadsheet e.g.10A, 10B.
  • The group names are important. Pulse will link year levels and classes. However, if you include a house/pastoral care group structure, you must be as specific as possible. For example, the group ‘Blue House 1’ will be linked to ‘Blue House’, but a group called ‘BH1’ might not be recognised as belonging to ‘Blue House’ by Pulse in the same way.

Tip: Gender and Ethnicity Data

Often schools want to be able to drill down into data to identify priority learners. While gender and ethnicity are not included by default in our CSV template when you are setting up Pulse, you are able to add in this data by including these as additional columns in your spreadsheet

Here are the three most common groups students are assigned to:

Year Levels and Class example:


Houses/Pastoral example:


A combination of both of the above:


Upload 2: Teaching staff spreadsheet

The teaching staff spreadsheet is an optional spreadsheet. It contains all of the teachers who have one-to-one classes, for example; homeroom teachers in a high school, sports coaches in a sports-high school, and class teachers in a primary/elementary school. It will need to include their first name, surname, email address and class they are in, and should match the class groups included in your student spreadsheet, as Pulse will be able to automatically associate these staff with their class group. You should be able to download this information from your School Information System (SIS).

What is the purpose of this spreadsheet?

This spreadsheet is for staff who are associated with specific classes within the school, and responsibility for the wellbeing of the students in these classes. Pulse will automatically attach the teaching staff included on this spreadsheet to the relevant classes/groups that they oversee in the school.

In Part 2 of the onboarding process, you will be able to decide whether these staff members will be able to receive help requests from the students in their class.

Note: If you don't have teacher data in the SIS (or an equivalent system), then don't try to make this spreadsheet manually. Instead, you can move onto the Staff Directory spreadsheet (step 3 below) and Pulse will assist in allocating teaching staff to classes in the configuration part.

Example of teaching staff spreadsheet: Email, First Name, Last Name, Class

Oversee Class example:


Oversee Houses/Pastoral example:


Oversee a combination of both of the above:


Upload 3: Staff directory spreadsheet

The staff directory spreadsheet is mandatory and allows schools to upload bulk staff data from their HR (or an equivalent) system. The staff directory spreadsheet should include leaders, wellbeing team members and staff members that should be able to send and receive gratitude.

What is the purpose of this spreadsheet?

This spreadsheet allows you to upload all your staff into Pulse, but this doesn’t mean that all staff will be able to see the student check-in data. When you get to Part 2 of the onboarding process, you will be able to attach relevant staff to the group/s of students that they oversee within the school. For example, you will be able to associate year level coordinators with their year groups, house coordinators with their house groups, or pastoral care leaders with their pastoral care groups. Students in their groups will be able to reach out to help from the staff members that oversee the groups they are included in.

Staff who are not associated with a group in Pulse will be included in the Staff Directory. They will not be able to access student check-in data, but will be able to send and receive gratitude.

Note: Unlike the teaching staff participant list above, the only details needed in this spreadsheet are the staff’s first name, surname and email address. In a later step, you will be able to allocate staff to the appropriate student groups directly through Pulse.

Example of Staff directory spreadsheet: Email Address, First Name, Last Name


You are now ready to upload your spreadsheets into Pulse: How to upload your spreadsheet into Pulse.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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