Staff Directory Overview

This article is intended for Staff members without wellbeing oversight.

The Staff Directory role gives enrolled staff members limited access to the Pulse dashboard. Enrolment in the Staff Directory allows staff to:

  • send and receive gratitude from students (default setting)
  • receive help requests from students (custom setting)
  • access the Help Inbox and respond to help requests (custom setting)


Image 1: Dashboard view for a Staff Directory staff member, at a school that has gratitude and all staff able to receive help requests switched on.

02_gratitude screen.png

Image 2: Dashboard view for a Staff Directory staff member at a school with the gratitude setting only switched on.

Switching on help requests for all staff gives them access to the Help Inbox and lets them respond to students’ help requests. Each time a student sends a help request, the staff receives an email and a notification on the Pulse dashboard. Contact your customer success representative if you would like to enable this feature for your school.

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